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Conductivity and Radio Frequency Performance Data for Silver Nanoparticle Inks Deposited via Aerosol Jet Deposition and Processed under Varying Conditions (Postprint)

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Journal Article - Open Access,27 Dec 2019,27 Jun 2020

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Air Force Research Laboratory Wright Patterson Air Force Base United States

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In fabricating electronic components or devices via Aerosol Jet Printing AJP there are numerous options for commercially available Metal NanoParticle MNP inks. Regardless of the MNP ink selected, the electrical properties of the final product are not commensurate to those of the bulk metal due to the inherent porosity and impurity-infused composition that is characteristic of these heterogeneous feedstock. Hence, choosing the best MNP ink for a particular application can be difficult, even among those based on the same metal, as each ink formulation can yield different performance metrics depending on the specific formulation and the conditions under which it is processed. In this article, the DC conductivity of AJP pads and the Radio Frequency RF transmission loss of AJP Coplanar Waveguides CPWs are presented for three different, commercially available silver MNP inks Advanced Nano Products ANP Silverjet DGP 40LT-15C, Clariant Prelect TPS 50 G2, and UT Dots UTDAg40X. We determined conductivity values by measuring the printed pad thicknesses using stylus profilometry and measuring sheet resistances using a co-linear 4-point probe. Additionally, we collected RF spectra using a performance network analyzer over the 10 MHz 40 GHz range. A complete description of the preparation, AJP procedure, and sintering is provided.

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  • Printing and Graphic Arts
  • Radio Communications

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