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Operation "Enduring Freedom", Konar Valley, Afghanistan, May 15-December 1, 2004

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[Technical Report, Research Paper]

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I have deployed four times in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM OEF, the third rotation is the subject for this paper. The battle space where we operated contained an enemy force that was and is engaged in a full scale guerrilla war that ranged from intimidation of civilians and government of Afghanistan authorities to ambushes, rocket attacks, IEDs and small scale raids. The enemy was a combination of Taliban hardliners, Al-Quaeda soldiers, leadership, and Arab foreign fighters all of them operating on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The intelligence was some of the most difficult to sort out, the majority of it was human intelligence HUMINT and it all came with an agenda, everything from monetary motivation to tribal feuds. Once the intelligence was sorted out making the operational cycle respond was its own challenge, however the support ODA 364 received was phenomenal, AC-130s, A-10s or AH-64s supported the majority of our operations. The other end of the operational spectrum was our 160 man Afghan Security Forces ASF infantry company. These Soldiers had been recruited, trained and equipped by US Special Forces over the course of the war. These men all hated Al-Quaeda, Arabs and the Taliban and they were always ready to go at a moments notice. ODA 364 conducted 41 Large- scale operations during the seven months that we were in the Konar Valley, the most productive operations were the direct action mission at Hadji Mir Alam Khans house and the cordon and search in the Korengal Valley. All operations conducted were combined arms efforts with the ASF providing the manpower, Army Aviation and the US Air Force providing the fire support, and ODA 364 conducting the detailed planning and leadership tasks.

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