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Major Ethical Problems in Macedonian Armed Forces

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People can recognize different ethical problems in the different organizations. Sometimes ethical problems in the Army for example, are minor misunderstandings in other organizations. The opposite is also true a non-existing or small ethical problem in some civilian organization may be a very big ethical issue in the Armed Services. According to my experience, Macedonian senior NCOs and senior NCOs in all armies in the world are very sensible to the ethical problems that are the same or similar to the problems I will describe in the next three pages. In my opinion as a leader and senior NCO in the Macedonian Army, our Country and our Army face two major ethical problems. These long term problems may negatively influence the quality of work of the Army in the society and in the World in our deployments as a part of the coalition in the war against terror. It is also possible that in the future Macedonian Army will not be able to fulfill its basic training and other tasks not facing the ethical problems and covering sexual harassments. Some of the senior leaders in the Macedonian Army dont want to recognize or dont believe there are ethical problems. The first major ethical problem is implementing the Frame Agreement of July 2001between the Macedonian and Albanian block political parties and its influence on the quality of the training and fulfilling the basic tasks of the Macedonian Army. Second is accepting females to serve in previously male positions and in the combat units, and covering possible sexualharassment. There are few minorities in the Republic of Macedonia. One of them is the Albanian minority which includes people that migrated from Kosovo. This minority makes up almost 20 percent of the total number of people living in Macedonia.


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