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Topological Larkin-Ovchinnikov phase and Majorana zero mode chain in bilayer superconducting topological insulator films

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Journal Article - Open Access

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The Pennsylvania State University University Park United States

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Topological superconductors possess a bulk superconducting gap and boundary gaplessexcitations, known as Majorana fermion. Search for new systems with topological superconductivityis of fundamental and application importance due to the potential application ofMajorana fermions in topological quantum computation. Here we show that the Larkin-Ovchinnikov superconducting phase with a finite momentum pairing can emerge in a modelof bilayer superconducting topological insulator films, in which superconductivity appears forboth the top and bottom surface states, and can be topologically non-trivial. This topologicalLarkin-Ovchinnikov phase is induced by an in-plane magnetic field and possesses aMajorana mode chain along the edge perpendicular to the in-plane magnetic field directiondue to its non-trivial Z2 topological nature. Our theoretical model can be naturally realized insuperconductortopological insulator sandwich structure or in FeTe, Se film, a topologicalmaterial with superconductivity, and thus provides a route to explore unconventionalsuperconductivity in existing systems.

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