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Adaptable Compressed Jaumann Absorber for Harsh and Dynamic Electromagnetic Environments

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Technical Report,01 Feb 2017,30 Jun 2020

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The need for tunable, low-profile, light-weight, and high-power handling absorbers has increased significantly as aerospace applications demand reliable radio-frequencymicrowave radar cross section RCS reduction devices that can rapidly adapt to harsh and dynamic electromagnetic EM environments while enabling a more agile flight maneuverability. However, the current tunable absorber technologies have critical limitations, particularly due to tuning elements such as PIN diodes, varactors, MEMS, and liquid crystal polymers that require tradeoffs between tuning range, reliability, linearity, cost, and weight. More importantly, most of these elements become vulnerable when subject to damaging levels of EM radiation from electronic warfare including high-power microwave weapons, radars, and jammers which create the harsh electromagnetic environment in which they need to operate. Aside from these inadequate tuning elements, current methods fail to provide a simple yet comprehensive design synthesis process that can assure stable operation of EM absorbers over broad bandwidth and arbitrary polarizations in a low-profile form factor. In this project, we will investigate generalized synthesis techniques and the feasibility of devising electronically tunable compressed Jaumann absorbers based on plasma electrical properties to address the critical limitations of current techniques. A multiphysics analysis which requires EM and thermal co-simulation is performed on a two-pole high power microwave HPM absorber under high power excitation. The maximum power handling capability of the device has been numerically predicted and validated experimentally.

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  • Electromagnetic Shielding
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