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Technical Report

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United States Space Force Colorado Springs United States

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Humanity has long been drawn to gaze upward and ponder the mysteries of the heavens. We are defined by our hunger to explore the universe and our unending quest for knowledge of our place in the cosmos. This drive to push back the dark edges of the map and demystify our frontiers is not without conflict. Just as on land, on the seas, and in the sky, the great expanse beyond Earth is now contested. Once the great powers of the world competed for technological supremacy in outer space to demonstrate the superiority of their societies. To win was to be fastest, highest, farthest, or first. The United States and its Allies firmly won that early space race. Today, however, that competition has evolved, and with heavy consequences. Since this initial competition, the domain of space itself has not changed. The harshness of its environment, its physics, and the vastness of its expanse challenge us today just as it challenged the earliest explorers. Humankind has changed, and our potential adversaries actions have significantly increased the likelihood of warfare in the space domain. Our destiny as a free country to strive even higher in space remains the same, but the need for security and defense as only military force can provide is the stark new reality of our mission.

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  • Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics

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