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Bilateral Alkylamine For Suppressing Charge Recombination and Improving Stability Blade Coated Perovskite Solar Cells

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Journal Article - Open Access

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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill United States

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The power conversion efficiencies PCEs of perovskite solar cells PSCs are already higher than that of other thin film technologies, but laboratory cell-fabrication methods are not scalable. Here, we report an additive strategy to enhance the efficiency and stability of PSCs made by scalable blading. Blade-coated PSCs incorporating bilateralalkylamine BAA additives achieve PCEs of 21.5 aperture, 0.08 cm2 and 20.0 aperture, 1.1 cm2, with a record-small open-circuit voltage deficit of 0.35 V under AM1.5G illumination. The stabilized PCE reaches 22.6 under 0.3 sun. Anchoring monolayer bilateral amino groups passivates the defects at the perovskite surface and enhances perovskite stability by exposing the linking hydrophobic alkyl chain. Grain boundaries are reinforced by BAA and are more resistant to mechanical bending and electron beam damage. BAA improves the device shelf lifetime to1000 hours and operation stability to 500 hours under light, with 90 of the initial efficiency retained.

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  • Electric Power Production and Distribution

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