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Quantum Interference of Electromechanically Stabilized Emitters in Nanophotonic Devices

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Journal Article - Open Access

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Harvard University Cambridge United States

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Photon-mediated coupling between distant matter qubits may enable secure communication over long distances, the implementation of distributed quantum computing schemes, and the exploration of new regimes of many-body quantum dynamics. Solid-state quantum emitters coupled to nanophotonic devices represent a promising approach towards these goals, as they combine strong light-matter interaction and high photon collection efficiencies. However, nanostructured environments introduce mismatch and diffusion in optical transition frequencies of emitters, making reliable photon-mediated entanglement generation infeasible. Here we address this long-standing challenge by employing silicon-vacancy color centers embedded in electromechanically deflectable nanophotonic waveguides. This electromechanical strain control enables control and stabilization of optical resonance between two silicon-vacancy centers on the hour timescale. Using this platform, we observe the signature of an entangled, superradiant state arising from quantum interference between two spatially separated emitters in a waveguide. This demonstration and the developed platform constitute a crucial step towards a scalable quantum network with solid-state quantum emitters.

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  • Fiber Optics and Integrated Optics
  • Quantum Theory and Relativity

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