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Harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Across the Seven Joint Functions

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U.S. Army Washington United States

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Although the 2018 National Defense Strategy emphasizes technological innovation as well as the way it will change the overall character of war, the joint force is not adequately positioned to share best practices and lessons learned among key players in the artificial intelligenceautonomous systems AIAS space. To address this shortcoming, joint manning documents across the force should add an AIAS cell made up of officers, warrant officers, and senior noncommissioned officers in order to effectively incorporate technological best practices across the seven joint functions. This increase of specialized staffing is similar to the approach that the Army took in 2003 at the brigade level with the creation of knowledge management as a distinct discipline and staff function. With knowledge management, the Army sought to help commanders drive the operations process through enhanced understanding and visualization . . . thereby enabling them to envision a set of desired future conditions that represent the operations end state. Embracing similar new approaches and techniques in the AIAS space is in keeping with advice offered by Rear Admiral Andrew Loiselle, the deputy director for Future Joint Force Development on the Joint Staff J7, who stated, the joint force cannot expect success fighting tomorrows conflicts with yesterdays weapons and equipment. Neither is modernization defined solely by hardware. It requires changes in the way we organize and employ forces. This article explores the most likely impacts of AIAS on each of seven joint functions command and control C2, intelligence, fires, movement and maneuver, protection, sustainment, and information.

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