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"Jointness" The Next Step For The Columbian Military Forces To Achieve Real Unified Action.

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Technical Report,13 Aug 2018,14 Jun 2019

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US Army Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth United States

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Military Forces in Colombia need to evolve according to new threats. Currently, the Armys eight divisions are deployed territorially throughout the nation with a view toward developing the full range of military operations -- defensive, offensive, stability, and defense support to civil authorities DSCA. Under this construct, the Colombian Army is the supported organization while the Air Force and Navy are supporting organizations. Each Colombian security force has specific roles and responsibilities, but overall the Army controls the battle space. As new threats continue to emerge in Colombia, the countrys national strategy must evolve to address these threats. This becomes exponentially difficult as the Army re-organizes after a long conflict against insurgents. The Colombian Military Forces and other government ministries and agencies must synchronize, coordinate, and integrate all activities to address new challenges to the nation. This study provides an academic approach to how the Colombian Military Forces can achieve unified, legal action in the operational environment. Using the United States Unified Command as an organizational model for comparison, and with a set of Colombian joint task forces as national operational cases, a command structure led by a single senior military commander per designated operational area emerges as a preferable organizational formula for achieving unified action. Creation of the geographic unified command GUC in Colombia would facilitate synchronization, coordination, and interoperability among the Colombian Security Forces and with other governmental entities to achieve the commanders operational objectives in designated areas. Colombias highly differentiated geography, its different cultures, areas, climates, and various customs affect military operations uniquely in each potential operational area. Accordingly, any designated operational area and its attendant GUC would have to be uniquely tailored.

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