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Absence of Signatures of Weyl Orbits in the Thickness Dependence of Quantum Transport in Cadmium Arsenide

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University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara United States

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In a Weyl orbit, the Fermi arc surface states on opposite surfaces of the topological semimetal are connected through the bulk Weyl or Dirac nodes. Having a real-space component, these orbits accumulate a sample-size-dependent phase. Following recent work on the three dimensional Dirac semimetal cadmium arsenide Cd3As2, we have sought evidence for this thickness-dependent effect in quantum oscillations and quantum Hall plateaus in 112-oriented Cd3As2 thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy. We compare quantum transport in films of varying thickness at apparently identical gate-tuned carrier concentrations and find no clear dependence of the relative phase of the quantum oscillations on the sample thickness. We show that small variations in carrier densities, difficult to detect in low-field Hall measurements, lead to shifts in quantum oscillations that are commensurate with previously reported phase shifts. Future claims of Weyl orbits based on the thickness dependence of quantum transport data require additional studies that demonstrate that these competing effects have been disentangled.

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