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Military Aircraft Safety: Serious Accidents Remain At Historically Low Levels

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Technical Report

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U. S. General Accounting Office Washington United States

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Flight mishaps involve any reportable damage to an aircraft that is preparing to fly, in flight, or completing a landing. Flight mishaps are classified by DOD according to the severity of resulting injury or property damage. Class A mishaps involve damage of 1 million or more, a destroyed aircraft, or a fatality or permanent total disability. The remaining classes of mishaps are distinguished primarily by their loss value and severity of injury Class B accidents involve damage ranging from 200,000 to less than 1 million, permanent partial disability, or inpatient hospitalization of five or more people Class C accidents involve damage ranging from 10,000 to less than 200,000 or a lost-time injury and Class D accidents involve damage of less than 10,000. Our review focused on Class A flight mishaps only. DOD requires that all mishaps be investigated so that causes can be identified and corrective actions taken to prevent future occurrences. Service safety centers1 play a key role in maintaining aviation mishap statistics, establishing safety policies, disseminating safety information, reviewing mishap investigation reports, tracking recommendations, and performing safety studies. In addition, the safety centers analyze trends to identify potential safety hazards.

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