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3D-Fabricated Nitric Oxide-Releasing Matrix as an Antimicrobial Dressing

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Technical Report,15 Mar 2019,14 Mar 2020

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Baylor College of Medicine Houston United States

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Appropriate wound dressings or the application of bandages at the time of injury is the first line of defense to prevent wound infection caused by microorganisms. These microorganisms are strongly associated with hospital acquired infections contributing to the persistence of debilitating wound infections in both military and non-military patients. Nitric oxide NO, a highly reactive gas, inherently possesses antimicrobial effect. Due to its volatile nature, storage and delivery of NO has been a great challenge. In this project, we propose to develop nitric oxide releasing polymer matrix, NOmatrix, as an antimicrobial dressing. Briefly, we fabricated nanofibrous NOmatrix via electrospinning system by incorporating biocompatible polymers and NO donor, NONOates. The 3D fabricated NOmatrix was evaluated in vitro for its NO releasing kinetics. The antimicrobial effects of NOmatrix against pathogens including methicillin-resistant S. aureus MRSA and P. aeruginosa, were evaluated. The toxicity or safety of NOmatrix was evaluated on fibroblasts derived from human dermal tissues. Lastly, the efficacy of NOmatrix will be evaluated in vivo using a well-established skin infection rodent model. The 3D-fabricated NOmatrix as a dressing, because of its simple and inexpensive fabrication method, will be a major advancement in the rapid and efficient treatment of antimicrobial resistant infections and nosocomial infections.

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  • Weapons Effects (Biological)
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