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The Challenge of Dis-Integrating A2/AD Zone: How Emerging Technologies Are Shifting the Balance Back to the Defense

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Journal Article - Open Access

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U. S. Army Washington United States

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Today, Americas adversaries are building anti accessarea-denial A2AD zones to keep the U.S. military out of key strategic regions. A2AD is a series of sensors anti-ship, antiaircraft, and ground defenses and long-range fires utilized by U.S. competitors and designed to prevent the United States from entering into a closefight.1 We see Chinese A2AD zones set up to deny U.S. access to Taiwan and the South China Sea. Russia uses A2AD zones in Kaliningrad, Crimea, the Kola Peninsula, and the Kuril Islands to block key maritime avenues of approach. In the past, the weakness of these zones were the command and control nodes, which formed a single point of failure. Utilizing precision-guided technology, the United States would wage a short, inexpensive decapitation campaign aimed at these nodes.

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  • Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics

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