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Implantable Nanochannel System for the Controlled Delivery of Osteogenic Growth Peptide

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Technical Report,01 Aug 2018,31 Jul 2019

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Methodist Hospital Research Institute Houston United States

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During the research period, we have fabricated an implantable, medical grade polyether ether ketone PEEK device housing two silicon nanofluidic membranes for the sustained and constant release of osteogenic growth peptide OGP. The device, which can be used to treat osteopenia, can be implanted without external fixation. Use of PEEK ensures some flexibility and radiolucency. In vitro release studies were performed with microfabricated silicon nanochannel membranes to determine the optimal nanochannel size 3.5 nm to achieve sustained, constant release for two months. Release studies were performed through the use of custom cuvettes loaded with 200 uL of 3.12 mgml OGP into a top reservoir separated by a nanochannel membrane, such that the peptide was released into a sink reservoir below. The absorbance of the sink solution was measured at 275 nm the wavelength where OGP displays a maximum absorbance to obtain a dose release profile and quantitatively monitor diffusion of OGP through the nanofluidic membrane into the surrounding environment. OGP release is relatively linear over the two-month period, and at day 60, cumulative release profiles targeted tilde30 ug of peptide.

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  • Anatomy and Physiology
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