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Cubic Nonlinearity of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides in Atomic Layers for Defense Applications

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Technical Report,21 Aug 2015,20 Aug 2019

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Hampton University Hampton United States

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Major Goals The major goals of project were 1 to characterize the cubic nonlinearity of 2-dimensional 2D transition metal dichalcogenides TMDCs, MX2 MMo or W XS and Se atomic layers for DoDs nonlinear photonic applications 2 to train the number of graduate and undergraduate students in emerging technologies related to the 2D atomic layers and 3 to strengthen the pipeline of good students pursuing advanced degrees in science and technology through outreach activities involving local and regional schools. Accomplishments The following activities are accomplished under the goal during the reporting period Material preparation of mechanically exfoliated atomic layers of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides TMDCs, MX2 M Mo or W X S or Se on Si-wafer, sapphire window, and liquid suspension for Z-scan and spatial self-phase modulation. Study of cubic nonlinearity of TMDC atomic layer using the open and closed Z-scan and spatial self-phase modulation as functions of applied intensities and sample positions. The characterization includes 1 nonlinear transmittance as functions of the sample positions in open z-scan for different excitation intensities 2 nonlinear transmittance as functions of the sample positions in closed z-scan for different excitation intensities 3 the magnitude and polarity of third-order nonlinearity 4 nonlinear transmittance as a functions of the input intensity I-scan at the focal plane of open Z-scan, and the valley and peak positions of nonlinear transmittance in closed Z-scan for the potential applications of optical modulator and photonic devices and 5 magnitudes and polarities of cubic nonlinearities of atomic layer liquid suspensions. Analyses of exciton polarization dephasing time of tungsten diselenide WSe2 atomic layer.

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