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Weighted Brier Score Decompositions for Topically Heterogenous Forecasting Tournaments

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Journal Article - Open Access

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University of Missouri, Department of Psychological Sciences Columbia United States

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Brier score decompositions, including those attributed to Murphy and to Yates, provide popular metrics for estimating forecast performance attributes like calibration and discrimination. However, the decompositions are generally limited to situations where forecasters make successive forecast judgments against the same class of substantive event e.g., rain vs. no rain. They do not readily translate to common situations where forecasts are weighted unequally forecasts can be made against a range of heterogeneous topics and events over varying time horizons forecasts can be updated over time until an event occurs or an event deadline is reached or outcome alternatives can vary in number and nature e.g., ordered vs. unordered outcomes across forecast questions. In this paper, we propose extensions of the Murphy and Yates decompositions to address these features. The extensions involve new analytic expressions for the decompositions of weighted Brier scores, along with proposed resampling methods. We use data from a recent forecasting tournament to illustrate the methods.

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  • Statistics and Probability
  • Meteorology

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