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Invention of a Genetic Toolkit for Immunomodulatory Gut Bacteria to Expedite the Development of New Crohn's Disease Therapeutics

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Technical Report,15 Jun 2018,14 Jun 2019

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University of Queensland Brisbane Australia

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The incidence and prevalence of Crohns disease has increased steadily over the past several decades in the developed world with a major impact on quality of life. Unfortunately current therapies are often unsuccessful in controlling inflammation and there is an urgent need to develop more effective therapeutic strategies. Our team is addressing this challenge by pursuing the following innovative outcomes i Identifying novel natural NF-kB suppressive bioactives to support the development of a new therapeutics that mimic immunoregulation in the healthy gut ii Establishing a rational genetic approach to effectively bioprospect the gut microbiota, and iii Providing new insights into the NF-kB suppressive activities of the gut microbiota and the structural diversity of the molecules that underpin it. The significance of this research is that it will catalyse the transition of gut microbiota research from an observational and associative paradigm to a translational one.

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