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Microbiome-Derived tRNA Q Modifications Mediate Breast Cancer Biology

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Technical Report,01 Feb 2018,31 Jan 2019

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University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago United States

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Breast cancer is a complex disease that is dependent on both genetic and environmental factors. Although the genetic factors have been explored for a long time, the nutritional dependence, in particular the effect of the gut microbiome in the development and prevention of breast cancer is still poorly understood. The metabolism of gut microbiome releases contents from microbial cells that may affect many aspects of breast cancer. One chemical released by the gut bacteria is the micronutrient queuine derived from a de novo synthesized metabolite in bacteria it is taken up through the intestine and circulated in the blood. All human cells then use queuine and incorporate it into the wobble anticodon position of specific transfer RNAs tRNA by two protein enzymes encoded in our genome. We are working on elucidating the function and importance of dynamic queuine-dependent tRNA modifications and tRNA biology on breast cancer growth, prevention, and biomarker determination using both cultured cells and animal models. The ultimate goal is to understand the molecular, cellular and organismal mechanisms of this microbiome-dependent micronutrient, and to derive countermeasures for breast cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

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