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Non-Uniformly Sampled MR Correlated Spectroscopic Imaging in Breast Cancer and Nonlinear Reconstruction

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2017,29 Sep 2018

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University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles United States

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI is an excellent anatomical tool to image tissue non-invasively. Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI DCE-MRI has excellent sensitivity but with varying specificity. MR Spectroscopy MRS enables biochemical characterization non-invasively of metabolites. Three major hypotheses are 1 Accelerated 5-dimensional 5D echo-planar imaging based correlated spectroscopic imaging EP-COSI acquisition produces multi-slice based multi-voxel two-dimensional 2D MRS in a clinically feasible time. 2 Incorporating non-uniform under sampling NUS for spectralspatial sampling into the 5D EP-COSI data acquisition and the group sparsity GS-based reconstruction will reduce the total acquisition time by at least a factor of 12. 3 ADC values derived from the multi-slice DWI data will correlate negatively with choline groups and positively with lipids quantified by the EP-COSI technique. Three goals are proposed i NUS schemes willbe combined with 5D EP-COSI sequence. ii GS- based CS reconstruction schemes will be developed for accelerated acquisition and optimized to reconstruct the NUS EP-COSI data with better reliability . iii Alterations in metabolite and lipid levels will be correlated with ADC changes in breast cancer patients compared to healthy women which will improve the diagnostic accuracy. The study patient cohort will include 50 patients with malignant breast carcinoma, 20 patients with benign breast tumor and 20 healthy women.

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