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Fixed Seat: Non-Driver CAD Accommodation Model Verification Report (Version 1.0)

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Technical Report,01 Jan 2018,31 Jan 2020

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US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, Ground Vehicle Systems Center WARREN United States

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Military ground vehicles are currently designed using requirements from MIL-STD-1472G, the Department of Defense Design Criteria Standard Human Engineering. The MIL-STD, however, is difficult for designers to apply properly because it is often open to interpretation. Easy-to-use Computer-Aided Design CAD tools, such as accommodation models, are needed by the ground vehicle community to address this issue Zielinski, Huston II, Kozycki, Kouba, and Wodzinski, 2015. The second in a series of accommodation models being created is the Fixed Seat Non-Driver accommodation model. Verification is intended to build confidence in the Fixed Seat Non-Driver CAD model for use in ground vehicle design. This model is applicable to ground vehicles with fixed seating positions often located in the rear of the vehicle. The fixed seats have no horizontal or vertical seat track adjustment and likely include a seat back that is also stationary. The Fixed Seat Non-Driver CAD model is intended to provide the composite boundaries representing the body of the defined user population, including posture prediction. The boundaries defined provide required space claim for the equipped users helmet, eyes, elbows, knees, and boots. Clearances between the user and surrounding interior vehicle surfaces have been added per MIL-STD- 1472G e.g. head clearance required from head helmet to vehicle roof line.

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  • Surface Transportation and Equipment
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