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Definition of Orange for Lifesaving Equipment

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Technical Report,29 Mar 2019,29 Mar 2019

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Underwriters Laboratories LLC Northbrook United States

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The report defines a range of orange colors for USCG approved lifesaving appliances per 46 CFR Part 160 with references to color chips FED-STD 595C to visually compare the color of lifesaving appliances. FED-STD 595C was withdrawn in 2015 and replaced by SAE AMS STD 595. The colors were measured in a ColorFlex spectrophotometer CIE chromaticity coordinates and compared with ISO 12402-7, Personal Flotation Devices--Part 7 Materials and Components--Safety Requirements and Test Methods ISO 12402-7 clause 4.3.3. CIE chromaticity color coordinates were determined for the orange colors referenced by the CFR and various other color samples submitted by the USCG. The CIE coordinates for the reference color samples and USCG supplied samples were plotted to identify alignment or conflicts with the orange chromaticity coordinates defined in ISO 12402-7 clause 4.3.3 Tables 3 and 4. Based on the findings detailed in the report, a range of acceptable orange colors for lifesaving appliances was developed as a feasible replacement to the current reference to FED-STD 595C in the CFR for defining orange.

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  • Escape, Rescue and Survival

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