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Eliminating Lead, RDX, and AP in a Castable, EMMS-Configured Propellant while Maintaining Performance

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Technical Report

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The objective of WP 2143 was to develop a new environmentally benign, insensitive, castable, high-performance, minimum-smoke rocket propellant formulation. The new formulation approached all of the performance requirements associated with the current minimum smoke, double-based propellant. It did not contain lead, ammonium perchlorate or cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine RDX. It also demonstrated a reduction in toxicity compared to existing propellants and meet insensitive munition IM requirements. This effort met the Statement of Need in a twofold fashion First, an innovative tactical grain configuration, Exponent Modified Minimum Smoke EMMS, was used to eliminate the need for lead catalysts, and second, advanced energetic ingredients were incorporated into this grain design to provide performance levels meeting current minimum smoke double-base propellants, insensitivity to meet IM requirements, and a reduction in toxicity compared to existing propellant ingredients.

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  • Solid Rocket Propellants

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