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Dynamics of Gut Microbiota Pathogen Interactions and Acquisition of Antibiotic Resistance During Travel to High Infectious Burden Regions

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2018,29 Sep 2019

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Washington University St. Louis United States

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The abstract in Block 14 must be a factual summary stating the purpose, scope, major findings and be an up-to-date report of the progress in terms of results and significance. Multi-drug resistant MDR infections and infectious diarrhea pose high risks to deployed military personnel and travelling civilians. To better understand, predict, and counter the AR threat to deployed military personnel, we are interrogating a longitudinal study of diarrhea in international travelers both civilian and military to understand and predict gut microbiota-pathogen interactions and subsequent carriage of MDR organisms MDROs following international travel to regions with high infectious disease burdens. In the first phase of the project, we analyzed fecal samples from 156 civilian travelers to Cusco, of whom 113 experienced travelers diarrhea. We identified MDR E. coli in 34 of diarrheal samples and 24 of asymptomatic samples. We found no obvious changes in the microbial diversity over time while traveling. However, by computing the Bray-Curtis dissimalarity between consecutive samples supplied by the same individual, we found that foreign travel immediately leads to a robust difference between baseline samples, and travelers with diarrhea had substantially more variation in microbiome structure than healthy travelers. By comparing the inter-individual between consecutive samples from the same individual versus the inter-individual comparing samples between individuals we developed a microbiome perturbation index, and identified microbiome shifts from healthy and diarrheal states. A hallmark of the diarrheal state was an increased ratio of bacteroidetes to firmicutes, corroborating dysbiosis during diarrhea.

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