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Phase Change Dynamics And 2-Dimensional 4-BIT Memory In Ge(2)Sb(2)Te(5) VIA Telecom-Band Encoding (Preprint)

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Journal Article - Open Access

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Air Force Research Laboratory/RYDH Wright-Patterson Air Force Base United States

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As modern computing gets continuously pushed up against the von Neumann Bottleneck-limiting the ultimate speeds for data transfer and computation-new computing methods are needed in order to bypass this issue and keep our computers evolution moving forward, such as hybrid computing with an optical co-processor, all-optical computing, or photonic neuromorphic computing. In any of these protocols, we require an optical memory either a multilevelaccumulator memory, or a computational memory. Here, we propose and demonstrate a 2-dimensional 4-bit fully optical non-volatile memory using Ge2Sb2Te5 GST phase change materials, with encoding via a 1550 nm laser. Using the telecom-band laser, we are able to reach deeper into the material due to the low-loss nature of GST at this wavelength range, hence increasing the number of optical writeread levels compared to previous demonstrations, while simultaneously staying within acceptable readwrite energies.

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  • Computer Hardware

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