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Development of Multifunctional ZnO Nanocarriers for Controlled and Enhanced Biofilm Dispersion

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Technical Report,01 May 2016,30 Sep 2019

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NAMRU-SA Fort Sam Houston United States

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The goal of this study was to develop ZnO nanocarriers for the delivery of the enzymatic debridement agent papain as a potential treatment for chronic biofilm infections. A sono chemical method was used to synthesize papain-loaded ZnO nanoparticles ZnO-Pap NPs and resulted in spherical nanoshells with dry diameters of 17750nm. Papain incorporation into the nanocarriers was confirmed by the presence of protein functional groups detected via Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Analysis of the loading efficiency of papain into the nanocarriers showed a protein content of 1688gmg of NPs, of which 41 was enzymatically active. Scanning electron microscopy indicated the particles were structurally stable over 28 days of storage under wet or dry conditions. However, dynamic light scattering analysis revealed that the particles were prone to aggregation after 2 days of wet or dry storage. The ZnO-Pap NPs exhibited increased dissolution at pH 5and 6 compared to neutral pH, indicating the possibility for pH-triggered papain delivery at acidic microenvironments within biofilms. The results obtained from this preliminary investigation demonstrate the potential of ZnO to act as a papain nanocarrier system. Further studies need to be conducted to optimize particle stability during storage, papain loading efficiency, and the kinetics of papain release.

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