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Plasma Small Extracellular RNA as a Biomarker of Autoimmune Flairs and Beta Cell Death in Type 1 Diabetes Using Frequent Prospective Peri-Onset Sampling

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[Technical Report, Annual Report]

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Pacific Northwest Research Institute

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We seek to discover small RNA biomarkers of autoimmune activity andor beta cell damage in type 1 diabetes. Pilot studies showed that heparinized plasma failed analyses, but that EDTA and citrated plasma did well, so 353 appropriate plasma samples average 11 per subject prospectively collected every 1 to 3 months from 32 high risk MAB or newly diabetic children and adolescents were collected, and the first 94 analyzed, for circulating small regulatory RNAs. 92 of 94 resulting cDNA libraries gave adequate numbers of miRNA mapped reads, but QC using spiked RNA internal standards showed abnormally high small RNA levels in 8 mildly hemolyzed plasma samples, leaving 84 of 94 with analyzable data. Equal numbers of EDTA and citrated plasma were analyzed successfully. Over the next period we will complete series on another 6subjects, sequence the remaining 26070340 samples, and analyze the data for patterns of disease association with small RNA molecules in the prediabetic, perionset, and immediate post onset period. These patterns may identify biomarker small RNA predictive of autoimmune flares or beta cell loss, including predicting impending clinical onset.

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