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Real-Time Detection of Cellular Respiratory Biomarkers of Early-Stage Infections Using Terahertz Sensing

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Technical Report,01 May 2018,30 Apr 2019

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Wright State University Dayton United States

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Early detection and prevention of respiratory infections is a critical mission of military and civilian medical facilities. For example, adenoviruses are a major cause of acute respiratory illness in the military. The hypothesis that different types of cells produce unique profiles of respiratory chemicals gaseous biomarkers is substantiated by apparent differences in cell-specific metabolic biochemistry. The research team comprised of Drs. Ivan Medvedev WSU-Physics, Katherine Excoffon WSU-Biology, and Jennifer Martin AFRL is studying the variability of respiratory chemical profiles for a variety of cellular species, as well as a range of metabolic, homeostatic, and infectious conditions. The analysis is done using THz chemical sensing facility at WSU and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry GC-MS facility at AFRL. We are studying variability of respiration associated with viral infections such as adenovirus. We are studying the effects of variability of cellular metabolism in response to varying concentrations of glucose, insulin, melatonin, and cortisol intended to simulate a range of cellular stress conditions. An exhaustive range of respiratory biomarkers from cellular models will be collected to create biomarker libraries and investigate the feasibility of using this information for pre-symptomatic detection of related pathologies, unadulterated by competing bio-processes in human body.

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  • Organic Chemistry

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