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Cyclostationary Signal Detection and Doppler Rate Correction for LEO Nanosatellites in the ISM Band

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Technical Report,15 Feb 2019,15 Aug 2019

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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The Space Systems Academic Group SSAG of the Naval Postgraduate School NPS is a pioneer in the development of nanosatellites. While their miniature size promises great possibilities for applications and research, it also poses severe challenges on the communications link. The SSAG operates satellites called PropCube. Often PropCubes signal cannot be demodulated successfully due to high interference in the industrial, scientific and medical ISM band and Doppler shifts occurring in the satellite downlink. In this case, it is useful to have the more general information whether the satellites signal is present or not. Moreover, in the next step towards demodulation, the frequency offset must be corrected. In this thesis, a detector is build, which exploits cyclostationary signal characteristics to reliably detect PropCubes GFSK signal in the ISM environment. If the satellites signal is detected, the position of cyclic features in the frequency domain reveal the Doppler offset, which can then be removed. A performance analysis demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is conducted

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  • Radio Communications
  • Ground Support Systems and Facilities for Space Vehicles

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