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Fluid-Structure Interactions Employing Cyber-Physical Fluid Dynamics

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Technical Report,15 Jun 2015,14 Dec 2018

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Cornell University Ithaca United States

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In this research, we implement a novel type of experimental apparatus for unsteady aerodynamics, which we call the Cyber Physical Fluid Dynamics CPFD Facility. Unlike traditional fluid mechanics experiments, CPFD is a general purpose technique that allows one to impose arbitrary forces on an object submerged in a fluid. We examine how the propulsive performance of an oscillating airfoil is improved by the addition of passive dynamics in this case using active heave and passive pitch. The passive pitching allows the airfoil to produce up to an order of magnitude more thrust as compared to heave alone. In a further study, we are interested in self propulsion of a heaving and pitching airfoil. We employ a force feedback technique to simulate true self propulsion. The pitch plays a crucial role in controlling the instantaneous angle of attack. In fact, the most efficient operating point is one where the angle of attack is as high as possible, but just prior to airfoil stall. Reducing or removing flow separation and the formation of a leading edge vortex LEV corresponds to maximum efficiency and a maximum performance of the airfoil as a propulsor.

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  • Fluid Mechanics

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