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Retention of Junior Officers in the Danish Army: The Effect of Motivation and Leadership

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[Technical Report, Master's Thesis]

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Army Command and General Staff College

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The purpose of this research was to provide recommendations to senior leaders to increase options to motivate and retain junior officers positioned as platoon commanders, company commanders, staff officers, or other positions. This study was completed through secondary analysis of existing data, which was provided by the Danish Ministry of Defence. Theories on personnel retention, self-determination theory, and transformational leadership provided the framework for the data analysis. Predicting intention to stay in a particular job or organization involves many factors and no single predictor explains all decisions fully. Job satisfaction was the strongest predictor for junior officers intentions to stay in the military according to the analysis. Basic psychological needs, specifically competence and relatedness, and leadership behaviors charismatic-inspirational leadership and individualized consideration were predictors of an individuals intentions to stay. The same factors were predictors of job satisfaction. Based on the analysis, the primary means senior officers in the Danish Army can use to increase retention of junior officers is by increasing job satisfaction. Junior officers job satisfaction can be increased by improving feelings of competence and relatedness through the application of charismatic-inspirational leadership and individualized consideration.


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  • Personnel Management and Labor Relations
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