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Review-Investigation and Review of the Thermal, Mechanical, Electrical, Optical, and Structural Properties of Atomic Layer Deposited High-k Dielectrics: Beryllium Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, Hafnium Oxide, and Aluminum Nitride

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Journal Article - Open Access

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University of Virginia Charlottesville United States

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Atomic layer deposited ALD high-dielectric-constant high-k materials have found extensive applications in a variety of electronic, optical, optoelectronic, and photovoltaic devices. While electrical, optical, and interfacial properties have been the primary consideration for such devices, thermal and mechanical properties are becoming an additional key consideration for many new and emerging applications of ALD high-k materials in electromechanical, energy storage, and organic light emitting diode devices. Unfortunately, a clear correspondence between thermalmechanical and electricaloptical properties in ALD high-k materials has yet to be established, and a detailed comparison to conventional silicon-based dielectrics to facilitate optimal material selection is also lacking. In this regard, we have conducted a comprehensive investigation and review of the thermal, mechanical, electrical, optical, and structural properties for a series of prevalent and emerging ALD high-k materials including aluminum oxide Al2O3, aluminum nitride A1N, hafnium oxide HfO2, and beryllium oxide BeO.

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  • Solid State Physics

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