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Search for a Quantum Speedup

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Technical Report,26 Sep 2019,26 Sep 2019

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University of Calgary Calgary Canada

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Quantum annealing promises solutions to certain computational problems that are beyond nonquantum capability, and companies such as D-Wave Systems aim to develop such devices. Although practical quantum annealers QAs have shown success in many fields including optimization, machine learning and material science, they are yet to prove quantum speedup over existing classical algorithms. The aim of our work is to nd computational problems that demonstrate quantum speedup on a D-Wave QA. To this end, we developed an approach to search intelligently for computational problems on a D-Wave QA. Our work is important as it provides a structured method to test the quantum speedup of D-Wave QA, which is vital for future research in the direction of practical quantum annealing. The novelty of our work is to formulate a search task for computational problems and cast it as an unsupervised learning problem.

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  • Quantum Theory and Relativity

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