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A Prelude to Multidomain Operations: Joint Fires in Shaping Amphibious Landings in North Africa, Sicily, and Normandy in World War Two

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Technical Report,01 Jul 2018,23 May 2019

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ARMY School of Advanced Military Studies FORT LEAVENWORTH United States

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Amphibious operations are complex combat operations requiring the skillful integration of joint fires to facilitate inland maneuver by ground forces. The Second World War saw many amphibious operations on the part of the Allies. This study looks at three vignettes from the European Theater of Operations the amphibious invasions of North Africa, Sicily, and Normandy to better understand the progression of joint fires planning, training, and execution. The level of joint fires integration progressed remarkably over the course of the war as the Allies applied lessons learned across the joint force including lessons from the Pacific Theater of Operations. The Allies used both lethal and non-lethal fires across multiple domains to gain access to contested shores. These lessons may prove useful as modern armed forces face increasingly sophisticated anti-access area denial networks.

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  • Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics
  • Naval Surface Warfare

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