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Effects on Cognitive Functioning of Acute, Subacute and Repeated Exposures to High Altitude

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Journal Article - Open Access

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University of Calgary Calgary Canada

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Objective Neurocognitive functions are affected by high altitude, however the altitude effects of acclimatization and repeated exposures are unclear. We investigated the effects of acute, subacute and repeated exposure to 5,050m on cognition among altitude-nave participants compared to control subjects tested at low altitude. Methods Twenty-one altitude-nave individuals 25.3 3.8 years, 13 females were exposed to 5,050m for 1 week Cycle 1 and re-exposed after a week of rest at sea-level Cycle 2. Baseline BL, 520m, acute Day 1, HA1 and acclimatization Day 6, HA6, 5,050m measurements were taken in both cycles. Seventeen control subjects 24.9 2.6 years, 12 females were tested over a similar period in Calgary, Canada 1,103m. The Reaction Time RTI, Attention Switching Task AST, Rapid Visual Processing RVP and One Touch Stockings of Cambridge OTS tasks were administered and outcomes were expressed in millisecondsfrequencies. Lake Louise Score LLS and blood oxygen saturation SpO2 were recorded.

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  • Stress Physiology

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