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Holographic assembly of reconfigurable nanoscale plasmonic and photonic elements

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[Technical Report, Final Report]

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University of Notre Dame

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This report was developed under a DARPA contract for topic Atoms to products. Two primary goals were addressed in this project. In Focus Area 1 Assembly Development the goal was to assemble a 10 m microelement consisting of an anisotropic lattice of 5000 100 nm dielectric nanoparticles NPs embedded in a polymer electrolyte. Successful completion of the objectives of this goal required that NPs be spatially located with nm-scale precision in a polymer matrix at scales up to 10 m total. In Focus Area 2 Functionality Development the goal was to establish the efficacy of reconfigurable microelements by demonstrating atomic junction formationdissolution between core-shell metal NPs in a polymer electrolyte on a model thin-film system. Work on this goal demonstrated that conductive channels can be formed and dissolved between metal NPs. Additional work in Focus Area 2 demonstrated the controllable formation and dissolution of self-limiting nanofilaments connecting multiple NPs beads-on-a-string morphology and demonstrated the formation of nanofilaments in self-organized polyelectrolyte nanopores for the growth of Ag nanofilaments by conductive-AFM. Collectively, work on the two focus area goals developed and demonstrated the technology needed for assembly and post-assembly reconfigurable wiring of nanoscale optical lattices.


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  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Polymer Chemistry

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