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Physical Properties of Highly Organic Soils and Their Importance to Mobility Considerations

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Technical Report

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ERDC HANOVER United States

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In this report, we begin by investigating the different methods for calculating the seasonal bearing capacity of soils, including highly organic ones such as peat. First, we present the generalized plate theories, including failure criteria, for linear elastic, plastic, and modified plastic. In all instances, the plate is assumed to be uniform, circular, and of infinite extent. The physical properties that determine soil strength change with temperature, water content, and ice content. It is therefore important to accurately predict these. Therefore, we include a section on calculating the soil thermal conductivity, which determines the flow of heat. Following the discussion on thermal conductivity, we examine existing approaches and their appropriateness to our investigation. Finally, the end of the report discusses the need for better mobility predictions in regions where seasonality is important and highly organic soils are prevalent. As part of this, we note omissions and short falls in current methods and outline how best to correct these using a combination of theory, laboratory work, and field tests.

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  • Soil Mechanics

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