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Using EASEE's Acoustical Calculations in MATLAB

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Technical Report

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ERDC Hanover

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EASEE Environmental Awareness for Sensor and Emitter Employment is a Java-based software framework for modeling the impacts of the weather and terrain on signal propagation and sensor performance. EASEE includes extensive capabilities for representing the environment atmosphere, land cover, terrain elevation, and soil properties, along with many different models related to acoustic, optical, radio frequency, and seismic signals. This report describes how to run EASEE from MATLAB, which is a popular software package for performing numerical calculations and displaying graphics. For this purpose, a simple installation configuration and MATLAB script were devised to set up and initialize EASEE. The focus of the report is on using EASEE for acoustic propagation calculations, which is its most mature signal modality. The report describes two general approaches to performing acoustical calculations in EASEE one that involves using EASEE for its environmental representation only and then running the acoustic propagation calculation using a MATLAB toolbox and a second that uses EASEE for both its environmental layer and the acoustical calculation. Overall, this report shows that the MATLAB user interface provides convenient access to EASEEs powerful signal modeling capabilities.

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