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Identification Of Structural Element Stiffnesses Of Reinforced Concrete Decks From Incomplete Static Test Data

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Technical Report

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Tufts University Medford United States

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A parameter identification program PARIS.SAS PARameter Identification of Structures is developed for the systematic identification of plate bending stiffness parameters for the Navys one-third scale pier deck model. The plate bending stiffnesses of the Naval pier deck are identified at the element level by using incomplete static test data on a subset of the degrees of freedom used to define the finite element model. The finite element model of the reinforced concrete Navy pier deck is generated by using three-dimensional isoparametric elements to model the beams, and hourglass plate bending elements to model the orthotropic slab. Several successful parameter identification examples are performed on the instrumented test span of the Navy pier deck using simulated data. The level of acceptable error is determined for the convergence of the algorithm. It is believed that continued research of this approach of static parameter identification will lead to a practical procedure for damage assessment and load carrying capacity determination of full scale structures.NAVAL

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  • Marine Engineering
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