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Equilibrium Phases of Tilted Dipolar Lattice Bosons

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Journal Article - Open Access

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The University of Oklahoma Norman United States

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The recent advances in creating nearly degenerate quantum dipolar gases in optical lattices are opening the doors for the exploration of equilibrium physics of quantum systems with anisotropicand long-range dipolar interactions. In this paper we study the zero- and finite-temperature phase diagrams of a system of hard-core dipolar bosons at half-filling, trapped in a two-dimensional square optical lattice. The dipoles are aligned parallel to one another and tilted out of the optical lattice plane by means of an external electric field. At zero-temperature, the system is a superfluid SF at all tilt angles theta provided that the strength of dipolar interaction is belowa critical value Vc theta. Upon increasing the interaction strength while keeping theta fixed, the SF phase is destabilized in favor of a checkerboard or a stripe solid SS depending on the tilt angle. We explore the nature of the phase transition between the two solid phases, identifying a region of metastable emulsion states intervening between the two solid lobes. Additionally, we study the stability of these quantum phases against thermal fluctuations and find that the SS is the most robust, making it the best candidate for experimental observation.

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  • Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics

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