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Telemetry Standards, RCC 106-19 Chapter 25 Management Resources

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Technical Report

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Range Commanders Council White Sands Missile Range United States

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Each Telemetry Network Standard TmNS manageable application TMA defines a set of management resources, each of which defines application-specific data accessible via an application layer protocol. The term management resources is used throughout this document to describe resources that can be managed by managers. All TmNS-specific management resources reside within the TmNS management resources hierarchy. Additionally, TmNS components may be required to provide host management resources. In all cases, management resources are used to provide a uniform and interoperable method for managing components and aspects of the TmNS system. There are two primary protocols for accessing the management resources Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP and Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP, which uses a RESTful architecture. The TmNS-specific management resources are maintained in a spreadsheet that provides a simple interface for maintaining each of the individual management resources. Each row in the spreadsheet describes a different management resource. The spreadsheet can be used to generate an ASN.1-formatted text file that serves as the TmNS management information base MIB TMNS-MIB for SNMP application. The spreadsheet contains additional mapping information, such as uniform resource names URNs, for support of other management protocols.

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