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Reliability Enhanced On-Chip Digital LDO with Limit Cycle Oscillation Mitigation

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University of Rochester Rochester United States

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On-chip power delivery network with distributed voltage regulators demonstrates advantages of fast localized voltage regulation and superior voltage noise performance. On-chip digital low-dropout regulator DLDO has been drawing significant attention as an elementary component within a distributed power delivery network due to easiness for integration and low voltage operation capability. Meanwhile, DLDOs suffer inherent limit cycle oscillations LCO which adversely affect steady state output voltage performance. State-of-the-art work utilizing two additional unit power transistors can effectively mitigate the side effects of LCO. However, reliability issue is not considered and aging induced degradation of the extra power transistors may nullify the effectiveness of the technique. In this paper, a novel unidirectional controller is proposed to evenly distribute the electrical stress among all power transistors to enhance the reliability of on-chip DLDO with LCO mitigation. It is demonstrated through extensive simulations that the detrimental effects of aging on the LCO mitigation circuit can be effectively reduced utilizing the proposed unidirectional controller.

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