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Development of operational art and CEMA in multi domain battle during the Guadalcanal Campaign 1942-1943 and Russia in the Ukraine 2013-2016

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Technical Report,26 Jun 2017,24 May 2018

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U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth United States

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The current operational environment and the emerging challenges of near peers and non-state actors have combined to create a challenge for the United States to gain and maintain the advantage across all three levels of war and across all domains. Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran have developed and implemented varying levels of cyber capabilities in support of their strategic national objectives. The Russian New Generation Warfare has evolved to the New-Type of War applying operational art as a means to gain an asymmetric advantage over an enemys technological advantage. Fundamental to gaining this advantage is the employment of cyberwarfare. The Armys multi-domain battle concept outlines emerging requirements for the military to achieve effects in the contemporary operational environment against emerging near peer threats. Cyber capabilities are critical to enable operational commanders the opportunity to create temporary windows of advantage, shape the deep fight, control tempo of multi-domain operations, and arrange cyber effects in time and space to achieve strategic objectives. Both case studies, the Guadalcanal Campaign 1942-1943 and Russia in the Ukraine 2013-2016, demonstrate cross domain synergy achieved with successful application of cyber electromagnetic activities CEMA to provide opportunities during multi-domain operations. The significance of this research is that it contributes to an understanding of cyberwarfare as applied through the lens of operational art and multi-domain battle. The study provides a conceptual framework to assist in answering two key questions. First, how do military forces offensively and defensively employ cyber capabilities Second, how can the US Army develop an operational approach to gain an advantage in the cyber domain and synergy across other domains to create windows of advantage

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  • Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics
  • Unconventional Warfare

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