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Joint Operations Center Tactical Assault Kit (JOCTAK): Evolution Toward Scalable Multilateral Sof C4I

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Technical Report

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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This project builds upon the NPS Advanced Digital Advisor Partnering Technologies ADAPT project, formerly known as the Remote Advise and Assist RAA kit. The RAA kit was developed to fill the policy gap that prohibited U.S. forces from accompanying partner forces. ADAPT expands the RAA technology beyond the Direct-Action mission set to all potential mission types. The NPS research team proposes the development of JOCTAK, a unified TAK solution that can aggregate and display critical relevant information from the network of users and sensors. Much like ATAK, JOCTAK has the potential to display mission-specific and sensor information at the individual operator level, but also to aggregate and instantaneously analyze data and information from multiple units and sensors across the operational area. The capability to do so provides an operational level COP that facilitates timely decision making by both the commander, staffs, and tactical elements. In addition to aggregating the numerous flows of information into a single comprehensive system, it repurposes the Remote Advise Assist concept to CWMD operations. An integrated TAK system would allow nuclear and CWMD subject matter experts who are not organic to the DOD, or not physically located in the JOC, to remotely advise and assist U.S. and partner forces in response to a CWMD operation.

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  • Command, Control and Communications Systems

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