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Nanoscale Resolution Magnetic Resonance Studies of Spin Dynamics and Defect Properties in Diamond Nanostructures

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Technical Report,26 Sep 2012,25 Jan 2016

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Ohio State University Columbus United States

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Diamond is a material of increasing technological and scientific importance. Compared to Si and other wide-bandgap materials, diamond has significantly higher thermal conductivity and electric breakdown field. It also outperforms Si and other wide-bandgap materials in other figures of merit relevant for electronic applications such as switching speed and power handling capacity. The importance of diamond is further enhanced by its ability to host nitrogen-vacancy NV centers which exhibit a spin-dependent photoluminescence. This provides a very sensitive optical means of detecting the electron spin resonance of the electron spin moment associated with the center magnetic resonance. This provides a platform for ultrasensitive spatially resolved magnetometry and for quantum technological applications. Diamond, in addition to being a stable fluorophore is also bio-compatible making it attractive for biophysical and biomedical applications. All these characteristics make diamond an important subject for material characterization studies for electronic and spintronic science and technology, and for spin based sensing applications.

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  • Geology, Geochemistry and Mineralogy
  • Electricity and Magnetism

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