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Force Health Protection Automated Exposure Assessment

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Technical Report,01 Sep 2016,30 Apr 2018

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A laboratory evaluation of low-cost multi-sensors developed specific to this project Utah Modified Dylos Sensor UMDS was performed to assess the sensors efficiency in sampling respirable and inhalable particulate matter at elevated concentrations, which are most common in occupational settings. Particle concentrations were measured in a low-speed wind tunnel with three UMDSs, co-located with an aerosol spectrometer Grimm 1.109 and gravimetric respirable and inhalable samplers. In total, 10 tests consisting of 5 different concentrations and 2 different test aerosols, Arizona road dust and aluminum oxide, were conducted. The laboratory test indicates the UMDS can be used as a low-cost tool to estimate respirable and inhalable particulate matter concentrations found in many workplaces. A subsequent pilot project evaluated a networked array of UMDS in an Air Force maintenance depot occupational environment. The networked array required a customized informatics, hardware, and software suite to provide occupational exposure reporting potentially useful to Air Force bioenvironmental engineers charged with force health protection. The field evaluation confirmed the networked array is capable of providing real-time measurements of particulate matter and occupational noise in the immediate occupational environment in which they were operating when compared to reference instrumentation measuring exposures in the same environment. A final finding from the field evaluation indicated the networked array of UMDSs can electronically interact with a proximity sensor within the array. As such, a workers location within the array can be estimated and an exposure estimate particulate matter andor noise for the worker can be generated. A secure, web-based management and monitoring platform graphical was modified to provide a baseline example for which enhanced metrics, management, alert, and reporting mechanisms can be developed in the future.

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  • Soil Mechanics
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