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Coherent Nonlinear Nanophotonics

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2014,14 Sep 2017

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Purdue University West Lafayette United States

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Contemporary nonlinear optics grounds itself on the concept of electromagnetic waves with CODIRECTED phase velocity and energy flux which is typical for all natural isotropic materials. A majority of widely used linear and nonlinear photonic devices exploit this concept. The advent of the nanotechnology has made possible the creation of the metamaterials that enable generation of the electromagnetic waves with CONTRADIRECTED energy flux and phase velocity that are referred to as BACKWARD electromagnetic waves. Such uncommon property has opened novel avenues in linear geometrical optics towards the extraordinary applications such as the subwavelengths resolution, the clocking of objects, etc. Similar revolutionary breakthroughs are anticipated in COHERENT nonlinear optics where matching of phase velocities of the CONTRA-PROPAGATING coupled waves plays a crucial role. A MAJOR GOAL of this project was the exploration of such possibilities. It was aimed at the studies towards the basic principles of nanoengineering of the prospective metamaterials and at the investigations of the particular properties of the second harmonic generation, parametric amplification, switching, changing the propagation direction and frequencies of pulses of the entangled photons by making use of the backward light waves in the proposed metamaterials. The outcomes should pave the pathways to the novel extraordinary possibilities to control the light waves.

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  • Optics
  • Refractory Fibers

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