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Representative Storm Selection Tool: An Automated Procedure for the Selection of Representative Storm Events from a Probabilistic Database

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PURPOSE This Coastal and Hydraulics Engineering Technical Note CHETN presents and documents the Representative Storm Selection Tool RSST, a utility that automates much of the analysis necessary to perform the identification and selection of representative storms outlined in Gravens and Sanderson 2018. The ability to easily select representative storms and calculate the relative probabilities will significantly speed up workflow for users developing representative storm suites for use in probabilistic life-cycle analysis PLCA models, such as Beach-fx Gravens et al. 2007 and Generation Two Coastal Risk Model G2CRM currently under development at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory ERDC-CHL and Institute for Water Resources IWR. BACKGROUND As summarized in Gravens and Sanderson 2018, the need for a robust representative storm suite is critical for the development of environmental forcing input to PLCA models. PLCA models such as Beach-fx and G2CRM are data-driven models that rely on relational databases that are accessed from within the models computational kernel. These relational databases contain storm responses required by the PLCA models e.g., in Beach-fx, the beach profiles morphological response to storm events. Because PLCA models do not compute responses as a part of their run time, these relational databases must contain all of the response data that are expected to occur over a projects simulated life cycle. For example, in Beach-fx this often results in a single beach profile containing on the order of 200 unique pre-storm upper beach configurations.

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