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Understanding Filipino Political Culture: Shooting Competitions in the Philippines

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[Technical Report, Research Paper]

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Naval War College

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This paper analyzes Philippine shooting competitions by identifying similarities between the shooters handgun and Filipino nationalism and between the shooters uniform and Filipino elitism. Because Philippine shooting competitions are a sport in which many of the governments politicians and general officers participate, this paper argues that cultural observations made of the microcosm of Philippine shooting competitions are representative of the broader Filipino political culture. Through this lens, the paradox of Filipino nationalism becomes evident in its bipolar nature, shifting between anti- and pro-Americanism. Although this paper argues that Filipino nationalism is not a concern to the United States, it does argue that Filipino elitism is a concern because it fuels insurgency in the Philippines. While appearing to be anti-elitist, President Duterte shows signs that he is using the elitist methods of past Philippine governments. As a result, insurgency is likely to grow in the Philippines. Finally, this paper recommends that Pacific Command PACOM use key leader engagements to influence Philippine general officers to encourage reforms in the Philippine National Police PNP that will stymie the rise of insurgency in the Philippines.

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  • Government and Political Science
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