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Tunable Two-Dimensional Interfacial Coupling in Molecular Heterostructures

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Journal Article - Open Access

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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Temple University Philadelphia United States

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Two-dimensional van der Waals hetero structures are of considerable interest for the next generation nano electronics because of their unique interlayer coupling and optoelectronic properties. Here, we report a modified Langmuir Blodgett method to organize two dimensional molecular charge transfer crystals into arbitrarily and vertically stacked hetero structures, consisting of bis ethylenedithio tetrathiafulvalene BEDTTTFC60 and poly3-dodecylthiophene-2,5-diyl P3DDTC60 nano sheets. A strong and anisotropic interfacial coupling between the charge transfer pairs is demonstrated. The van der Waals hetero structures exhibit pressure dependent sensitivity with a high piezo resistance coefficient of4.4 106 Pa1, and conductance and capacitance tunable by external stimuli ferroelectric field and magnetic field. Density functional theory calculations confirm charge transfer between the n-orbitals of the S atoms in BEDTTTF of the BEDTTTFC60 layer and the orbitals of C atoms in C60 of the P3DDTC60 layer contribute to the inter-complex CT. The two-dimensional molecular van der Waals hetero structures with tunable optical electronic magnetic coupling properties are promising for flexible electronic applications.

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  • Electricity and Magnetism

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